You’re in Good Company

“While Stephanie is a strong designer, she is stronger as a human being. Her convictions run deep, and she demonstrates this integrity with her community involvement and considerate interactions with others. She is mature, poised, and always remains positive. Not surprisingly, she handles pressure and criticism with grace. Exceptionally intelligent, Stephanie makes good on her potential by consistently working hard.”

Adam Rallo — Creative Director & Principal at Catalyst Workshop

“Incredibly diligent” is what comes to mind when I think about Stephanie. I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie for four months at TC Transcontinental, collaborating on several Web-to-Print projects and campaigns. Above all, I was really impressed with Stephanie’s ability to handle multiple clients and projects which made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team. She was an amazing mentor and I look forward to the day when we cross paths again in the future.”

William Yan — Systems Administrator at TC Transcontinental

“Stephanie is an incredibly hard-working, dedicated, and passionate designer. Her ability to combine her artistic and creative abilities with her impressive researching and writing skills make Stephanie a very valuable asset to any team. In addition to being skilled in both the Fine Arts (Illustration, photography, etc.) and the Adobe Suite programs, Stephanie brings a refreshing kindness, positivity and maturity to any environment she is in, and would be a wonderful teammate!”

Anna Nativ — Designer at Cinnamon Toast

“Stephanie is one of the most diligent and organized people I have met during my post secondary years. She is always on top of her tasks and is very clear and thoughtful in the work she does. I can see her adapting to any environment and bringing her very positive and creative mind to any team.”

Aloke Pillai — Co-founder of Pastel